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Hi, and welcome to the 3rd entry of this blog, and today I would like to to talk to you about the direction changers you can find on our website: and what is the reason we offer this in our store.

Sometimes in one of my installations in the past, I had a large quantity of jobs where because there was a pillar, windows or any other obstacle I could not install the evaporator unit where the client wanted or it would have looked unaesthetic, which sometimes that translates into a problem or a increase of the installation price.

When I found this perfectly made fitting I could not believe the headaches would have this save me and that is the main reason why we have this on sale on our store, to offer to all of you another solution for your jobs.

We are offering this direction-changers in different sizes to cover all your needs: ¼, 3/8, ½ and 5/8. This fitting is made with copper tube, soldered male Sae fitting in one side and a nut on the other which means it comes ready to fit without any other fitting required. The direction-changers were specially made for domestic wall units but obviously it can be extended to suit other requirements, As always thinking on manners of making your jobs easier.

Finally I would like just to remember, any question about this product or any other from our store we will be more than happy to respond you all, you can comment in this page below, drop us an email at: or use our chat at any time.

Thank you for reading, see you soon.

J. Garcia


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